May wine bring you as much happiness as it does to us!

The wines we recommend are unique wines, exclusive to you according to your personal taste. We search, test and work to get what you are looking for. At Mau Mau you will find different wines: from traditional to more recent, from national to international. What will it be today?

Our concept


Our concept is curatorship. We advise, customize and find wines that match what you want and look for . We have a careful selection of national and international wines. Biodynamic, Traditional, Pet-nat’s, organic, champagne, sparkling, fortified, among many others. An Argentinian Malbec, a Portuguese Syrah, an American Cabernet, a German Riesling, a French Chardonnay…you name itWe are much more than a wine cellar.

Our business model involves a subscription. A subscription that gives you a case of wine every month, delivered to your door. We often find ourselves wanting new wines, but without knowing where to find them. The markets always have the same brands and we can never buy something different that satisfies us. With Mau Mau Vinhos, the solution is to get to know you better so that we can know what wine to offer you. You will be surprised by new wines, from the new and old world.

But how are you going to find the wine I like? We’re going to get to know you, we’re going to ask you what was the last wine you drank, what kind of food you like, what was the last wine you bought, how often you drink it, what occasions you do it in and who you do it with. With several questions answered we will be able to discover your tastes and introduce you to authentic wines according to your profile.

Are you curious? 
We sell personalized wine advice. 
We are innovative, we are traditional, we are curious, we are what you are looking for. We are Mau Mau.

Your experience
Step by step


Your options

Choose one of the 3 curatorships we have to offer. You are either a curious person, or in need of new discoveries, or thinking about investing in wine. All options are valid and together we will choose the right one for you.


Presentation and customization

Before committing without knowing us, leave your contact in the form. We will be happy to introduce ourselves, because the key to this project is dedication and personalization. We want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you. Only in this way can we surprise you with the wine choices selected for you.


Subscription and Delivery

You can subscribe for 1 month or 3 months and choose a case with 3 or 4 bottles. We advise 3 months because we want to know your tastes. As soon as we get to know each other better and know which curatorship best suits your profile, we'll knock on your door and deliver you a box of wine for you to enjoy.


Unique Wines

Tired of the same wines? With the Mau Mau service you will expand your horizons and discover new national and international wines.

Personalized Wines

Close monitoring allows us to know your taste, expectations and needs. ​Thus, we can customize the wines we suggest to what you want. Let yourself be surprised!

Wines at your door

You'll never have to carry a case of wine again. We deliver to your door so you just have to worry about serving and enjoying.


from €45/month

Can’t say what your favorite wine is? Would you like to know more about wines and their characteristics to understand which one you identify with? This curation is for you.

  • 1 or 3 months
  • Choose a case of 3 or 4 wines
  • Talk to our team of curators
  • Delivery of the box to your home



from €55/month

Do you know what wine you like but are you tired of drinking the same thing over and over again? Chat with our team of curators and discover new wines every month.

  • 1 or 3 months
  • Choose a box of 3 or 4 wines
  • Talk to our team of curators
  • Delivery of the box to your home



on request

If you’ve been in the wine world for some time, you know that investing in wine is as important a business as any. Get in touch so we can make you an investment proposal.

  • Set your budget
  • Define the regions and wines you want

We want to offer you a unique, personalized wine experience, delivered to your door. Get in touch with us and start your unique Mau Mau Vinhos experience.


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